Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps (BMRC)

What is the Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps?

The Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps (BMRC) is a group of volunteer first responders founded in 2014 primarily serving the UC Berkeley campus and the surrounding community. This has given us an outstanding opportunity to not only integrate Alameda County EMS into local community initiatives, but also provide mentorship to brand-new first responders looking to begin their career in EMS and medicine. 

Driven by the events of 9/11 and the perceived threat of future terrorist attacks, the federal Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) network was designed to function as community medical resources supplementing primary EMS and hospital response to large-scale incidents. 

In the case of the already 100+ member-strong Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps, uniformed personnel are trained to a minimum EMT BLS level. Membership however is not limited to EMTs only; paramedics, local physicians, and nurses are welcomed to sign up and be deployed in the event of an emergency.  The BMRC not only has the capability to respond to disasters such as earthquakes, wildland fires, and large-scale incidents like large sporting events or public gatherings but will also remain active in assisting with various public health initiatives and community awareness projects.

The BMRC's Mission:

The Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps is dedicated to improving campus safety by strengthening the University of California, Berkeley’s emergency response, providing peer education, and participating in public health initiatives. Our core values include professionalism, education, and safety. We will protect and ensure the safe and effective treatment of anyone in need of medical services.

Some of our partners:

SF EMS Agency - Dr. Jeremy Lacocque, Medical Director of BMRC 

University Health Services

University of California Police Department 

UC Berkeley Office of Emergency Management / Emergency Operations Center


Rock Medicine

City of Berkeley Office of Emergency Services (OES) 

Berkeley Fire Department