How to Evacuate

Image of people evacuating a building

Evacuating from the City of Berkeley - Here is what to know:

Know your Evacuation Zone 

Your evacuation zone can be found at Zonehaven. Emergency responders will post Evacuation Warnings and/or Orders to this site in the event of an emergency that warrants an evacuation. 

Evacuating From Campus Buildings:

Emergency Assembly Area

The Emergency Assembly Area (EAA) for a campus building is noted on the Emergency Procedures signs posted by exits and stairways. EAAs are open areas located a safe distance from a building that serve as rally points during an evacuation. (EAAs should not be confused with Designated Waiting Areas.)

Know When to Leave

  • A fire alarm sounds, or an authorized person (e.g. building manager, police officer, firefighter) directs you to evacuate
  • An emergency evacuation alert via UCB WarnMe
  • A prolonged utility outage
  • Anytime you feel unsafe

How to Evacuate (Stay Calm and Be Safe)

  • Take your Go Bag (if available)
  • Walk, don't run
  • Use stairs (never use elevators)
  • Assemble in your Emergency Assembly Area (EAA). During a large-scale evacuation, your building's EAA may not be available, so follow the instructions of first responders
  • Do not re-enter until allowed by emergency personnel
  • Visit Berkeley News(link is external)(link is external) page, listen to KALX 90.7 FM(link is external)(link is external) (UC Berkeley's radio station), and watch for UCB WarnMe alerts
  • Call 911 (510-642-3333 via cell) for life threats

Designated Waiting Area

Designated Waiting Area (DWA) is a known waiting spot inside of a building for those who need help evacuating (e.g. for those who cannot use the stairs).

  • From a DWA, call 911 (510-642-3333 via cell) for assistance.
  • If you cannot reach your DWA, find a room with an exterior window, and call 911.
  • If phones are down, signal from a window with a visible object, or use a whistle.
  • Click here for more information on evacuation resources for people with access & functional needs.

Practice Your Evacuation