Every campus has its faults. Ours is 74 miles long and runs directly under our campus. Stay calm, shake it off, earthquake preparedness is easier than you think.

Download the MyShake app on your mobile device (developed by UC Berkeley researchers). MyShake is California's earthquake early warning system.

During an Earthquake


  • DROP to the floor immediately
  • Take COVER under sturdy furniture (or near an interior wall) and protect your head with your elbows and arms
  • HOLD ON until the shaking stops
  • Immediately evacuate the building once the shaking stops


  • Move away from buildings, power lines, and trees
  • DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON to keep yourself stable and protect yourself from falling/thrown objects
  • If you are driving, pull over in a clear area

Other Tips:

  • Stay away from windows and other objects that can fall on you
  • Do NOT run outside
  • Do NOT stand in a doorway (it's safer under sturdy furniture)
  • Do NOT use the elevators when evacuating a building

After an Earthquake

  • Check yourself for injuries
  • Exit campus buildings and go to an Emergency Assembly Area (EAA) or open space; if you are off-campus, stay only if the building is structurally safe
  • Don't tie up phone lines if it's a non life-threatening emergency; use text messages and social media
  • Do NOT re-enter campus buildings until allowed by emergency personnel
  • Be prepared for potential aftershocks and falling debris
  • Visit the Berkeley News page, listen to KALX 90.7 FM (UC Berkeley's radio station), and watch for UCB WarnMe alerts

Signaling for Help

In the unlikely event that you are trapped by falling debris:

  • Don't yell because you may inhale dust
  • Tap on metal objects to get attention
  • Use your mobile phone to call 911 (510-642-3333 on campus) to alert emergency personnel to your location
  • Do NOT light a match due to potential gas leaks; use your cell phone's flashlight if available