Access & Functional Needs

UC Berkeley has a detailed plan for people with disabilities

Disasters happen. Especially for people with disabilities, planning and preparation are the keys to being as safe as possible in an emergency. UC Berkeley is committed to the safety of all of its students, staff, faculty and visitors with and without disabilities.

Berkeley's Disability Access & Compliance also has Emergency Preparedness for Disabled People details on their website.

Planning for Emergencies

  • Create an individualized emergency plan
  • Know your building's exit routes, stairways, Designated Waiting Areas, Emergency Assembly Areas, and elevators
  • Create a list of your care needs; share it with roommates or friends
  • Carry a whistle if you have difficulty speaking loudly
  • If you are dependent on electric life-sustaining equipment, plan for alternate sources of power
  • Review DAC's emergency preparedness guide

Designated Waiting Areas (DWAs)

Designated Waiting Area (DWA) is a waiting spot for those who need help evacuating a building. From a DWA, call 911 (510-642-3333 via cell) for assistance.

  • If you cannot reach your DWA, find a room with an exterior window, and call 911
  • If phones are down, signal from a window with a visible object, or use a whistle

Emergency Evacuation Chairs

Assisting with an Evacuation

  • Ask the individual if they need help, and if so, how best to assist them
  • If you cannot get them out, lead them to a Designated Waiting Area
  • Don't use elevators
  • In life-threatening situations, assist and carry those who need to use evacuation chairs; at all other times, only trained emergency responders should carry someone
  • Call 911 (510-642-3333 via cell) for assistance