Make a Go-Bag & Kit

Go Bags vs. Kits: What's the difference?

  • Go Bags are a collection of items that you can take on-the-go if you need to leave in a hurry.

  • Kits = Go Bag + more! Kits stay at home, so put you can store items that would be too heavy to take with you.

Make a Go Bag

You probably have several of these items already. Use our checklist to complete your bag:


Non-perishable food (dried food, energy bars, etc.); bottles of water


Alternate power source to charge your cell phone (emergency phone bank)


Flashlight with batteries; battery-operated or crank radio

4 List of emergency phone numbers

Personal items and toiletries (eyeglasses, toothbrush, etc.)


Photo ID (copy of driver’s license,passport, Cal1 Card)


Copy of important records (birth certificate, lease, etc.)

8 Clothes and sturdy shoes

Cash in small bills (ATMs may not work after a disaster)


First aid kit and extra medications


Duct tape


Maps (campus, City of Berkeley)

Make A Kit

Your kit stays in your home or dorm, so you have the opportunity to go big and get creative. In addition to bulking up on necessary supplies, you should include lots of things that you enjoy, like your favorite chocolate, book, or board game. Store enough for 5-7 days.

Use this checklist from to complete your kit.