Mission Continuity Planning

Mission Continuity Planning at UC Berkeley

Emergencies have a way of impacting the day-to-day activities on campus. The goal of continuity planning is to sustain our campus essential functions and services despite these interruptions. This involves identifying critical operations on campus and prepping for how these activities would be affected by disruptions. To achieve this, campus departments are asked to develop continuity plans for the rapid resumption of academic, business, and other critical functions.

What You Can Do

The Continuity Program’s strategy is to create resources to support the development of continuity plans across campus. Below is information about the tools to create a continuity plan and how to get started.

Continuity Toolkit

A toolkit containing a workbook and set of exercises will be available to departments by early March 2023. The workbook will assist a department in detailing what is required to sustain critical functions while the exercises will help a department plan through an emergency. After a department completes the workbook, then the Office of Emergency Management will input the information into UC Ready.

The workbook is a structured guide for departments to:

  • identify risks to their critical functions and the cascading impact to campus

  • plan strategies to continue and/or restart disrupted critical operations

  • reduce the potential impact from an emergency

The included exercises test a department’s continuity plan by focusing on disruptions to:

  • people

  • workspaces

  • resources

Contact Business Continuity Specialist Allison Anderson-Cutright-Cisneros at allison.acc@berkeley.edu to get started on your continuity plan.

What is UC Ready?

UC Ready is an online tool used to support the campus after an emergency. For continuity purposes, the Office of Emergency Management uses UC Ready to store continuity plans and provide strategies to cope with incidents, as well as plan the recovery of normal operations. Thanks to this resource, the campus is more resilient and better-equipped for any situation.

For employees tasked with maintaining their Continuity Plan or Building Emergency Plan (BEP), please access UC Ready by visiting ucready-fusion.cloudforce.com.

If you need access to UC Ready or more information, please email allison.acc@berkeley.edu.
Image of people developing a continuity plan