Targeted Violence / Active Threat


Please be advised that the information contained on this page and in the video may activate various forms of trauma. Topics include: active shooting/mass-shooting, violence, injury, death, and police response. While being prepared for this scenario is important, please proceed with caution if any of these topics may activate you. It is recommended that you use the personal support resources outlined here(link is external) coupled with your self-care practices, to process the information provided.

We take emergency preparedness and safety seriously at UC Berkeley. We want every member of our community to be prepared in the event of an emergency on campus. The Office of Emergency Management is committed to providing training and resources to faculty, students and staff on ways to stay safe during active shooter situations on our campus.


While Berkeley has taken advantage of a variety of approaches in the past, we believe it will strengthen our preparation to select a single active threat preparation approach. Going forward, Berkeley will adopt the “Run-Hide-Fight” model as the standard protocol for active threat awareness and training.


to employ during an active threat/shooter situation

RUN - If you can safely evacuate yourself, do so quickly. Grab only your cell phone and GO. Encourage others to also evacuate but do not lag behind. Once you are in a safe location, dial 911.

HIDE - If you are unable to safely evacuate, lock doors, barricade entryways, turn off all lights, silence cell phones, and seek cover.

FIGHT - As a last resort, if you can't run or hide, make a plan to fight for your life. Grab any object within reach to distract and incapacitate the shooter/attacker.


  • Review this short (9 min) training video from UC San Diego which depicts a simulated active shooter scenario. Even if you have received similar training before, please refresh your memory. We will be working on developing a similar, UC Berkeley branded video.
  •  Register your contact/cell phone number to WarnMe alerts to stay informed. Go to the WarnMe webpage to do so. Text messages are the fastest way possible to receive alerts.

If you see behaviors of concern or a person with a weapon on campus,

immediately call 911 or 510-642-3333 via a cell phone.

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Watch this 9-minute animation/video outlining the Run-Hide-Fight model (developed by UC San Diego)

Picture of the Run-Hide-Fight flyer

Here is a printable Run-Hide-Fight flyer.